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Franchise Management

Clock Custom Franchise Management Software Development Services

  • We develop centralized data repositories and enterprise-level operations management platforms with data mining modules integrated to real-time executive dashboards to create custom reports, and review multi-parameter, franchise-level data
  • We integrate with 3rd party Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software including Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, NetSuite, SAGE, and others to develop custom franchise management solutions
  • Development of Royalties management software with predetermined calculations and rules for multi-location royalty tracking and reconciliation with integrations to ACH payments
  • Commission management software to ensure accurate and timely payments to each location
  • We design and implement franchise intranets for seamless, centralized, and secured communications across all locations
  • We program video conferencing platforms through secured networks for real-time communications with multiple locations
  • We implement centralized employee management software for time and attendance, job scheduling, task management, and work order management, tracking performance metrics in real time, across all locations

  • We program automatic re-ordering software integrated with Order Management Systems (OMS) for real-time inventory control across multiple locations, stock replenishment, economic order quantity (EOQ) calculations, optimized purchase ordering, and efficient transfers between warehouses / franchise locations
  • We develop custom website Content Management Systems (CMS) to allow website managers to maintain multiple sites from one platform
  • We develop enterprise Customer Loyalty software to track program performance and manage corporate memberships and individual customer accounts from one platform
  • Custom ecommerce solutions for franchises of any size and omnichannel sales management platforms that integrate with online stores and satellite locations for complete channel visibility
  • We program custom order processing software and integrate with 3rd party shipping APIs for optimized workflow across all locations
  • We develop integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) systems to manage sales and transactions across multiple locations, plus modules to track across-chain customer buying habits
  • Integrations with CRM platforms for centralized customer engagement management and efficient marketing automation