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Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure Solutions & Services

Data Center

IT Datacenter is the backbone of the Business, the way technologies are changing today, every Organization is looking at Do more with less. CIO/CFO understands the importance of choosing Right technology is the key to success of Datacenter Transformation and Strategic Business Initiatives. CLOCK Soft pioneer in Datacenter area, helps Organization to Transform IT Datacenter with its wide range of Technology Solutions and Services.  We offers comprehensive Consulting, Design, Multi-location Implementation, Migration and Support services around Datacenter Technologies. Direct presence in over 500+ cities, Pool of (Technical/Domain) Expertise, Experi ence in executing large Datacenter Project in the Country with large Customer reference across various industry are few of the key capability differentiators.



Virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility—not just for large enterprises, but for small and midsize businesses too. We focused to enable virtualization from Desktop to Datacenter for delivering cloud like Service within Organization Datacenter.

Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization is Hypervisor based technology which abstracts resources from physical hardware and run as virtual machine in isolated container. By consolidating multiple VM’s in a server will increases uClockization of physical server and enables to achieve agility demanded by business with right level of Business Continuity at Datacenter level. CLOCK Soft offers comprehensive solution & services that includes Consulting, Design, Implementation, Integration and Support services for building optimizing Datacenter with Server Virtualization Technology.




Desktop Virtualization

Technology that enables to create secure, flexible, mobile virtual desktop environment which will enhance user productivity & simplifies IT desktop management. Desktop virtualization is the concept of isolating OS, Application and Data from Physical desktop and run it out of centralized Datacenter. CLOCK offers end to end Desktop Virtualization solution which address varied needs of Organization. Along with flexible services offering to assess, design, migrate, rollout and operate virtualized desktop infrastructure in an Organization.

Private Cloud

On-Premise offering helps enterprise to setup private cloud Datacenter, which is more agile, measurable, and self – service enabled. CLOCK Soft tailored private cloud offering will enable customer to focus on core business by delivering IT as Service without compromise on Security compliance needs of an Organization. CLOCK truCloud Adoption Services and Design & Build Services are focused to enable customer to transform IT.


The need for information data is growing exponentially; Regulatory compliance, application, user data size, interactive data etc are driving such a large data storage needs. CLOCK Soft Storage Offering focused to deliver scalable, high performing, efficient Storage System at same time helps Organisation to protect the existing investment.



Unified Storage

Today’s IT infrastructures demands both structured and unstructured data, that raises usage of Unified storage system for consolidating file-based and block-based data in a single storage subsystem and same can be accessed/delivered through various standard protocols. CLOCK Soft is partnered with leading Storage vendors to provide best in class storage solution with flexible Assessment, Implementation, Migration and Support services for Unified Storage needs.





Storage Virtualization

With increase in consolidation & virtualization approach in datacenter, the IT demands for Storage consolidat ion. Storage virtualization is the amalgamation of multiple storage devices into what appears to be a single storage, by abstracting and covering the internal functions of a storage device from the host systems. CLOCK Soft solutions & services offering helps customer to protect existing investment and increase ROI by virtualizing heterogeneous storages into one.





Storage Replication

Traditionally Storage Replication is proven and reliable choice for setting up Disaster Site in Organization, As only storage replication can provide consistency to data and zero data loss (minimal Recovery Point Objective or RPO). CLOCK Soft Offering focused to enable customer to protect the Primary Storage Data with its strong Services offering such as Assess, Design, Implement and Manage Storage Platform.

Scale-Out NAS Solution

Organization are in need of efficient & cost effective storage for some unique requirements like Big Data from a single file system, serving I/O-intensive applications, and nearline archives. Scale-Out NAS Solution provides extreme scalable Storage System designed to meet both massive horizontal & vertical scalability to accommodate capacity growth with scale out performance for both random access and streaming workloads. CLOCK is partnered with Industry leading Storage vendors to provide integrated Scale-Out NAS Solution to meet customer needs.

Backup and Recovery

Information is Power, retaining, retrieving and restoring of such critical data in the unavoidable data loss situations is a must need of organization. Be it a Disk, Tape, Network, SAN, NAS, user, application, storage – no matter where the data is, CLOCK Soft has the solution for retaining the data efficiently and effectively without compromising the performance. Also we offer comprehensive Consulting & Assessment, Implementation, Migration and Support Services.



Purpose Built Backup

Today’s Datacenter are undergoing significant transformation that drives changes in the process of Data Backup & Recovery. CLOCK Soft Purpose Built Backup Solutions and Integrated Services focused to deliver ‘Right backup & recovery Approach’, can help organization to improve speed of backup and recovery.


File & Email Archival Solution

User Data and Email are one of the most critical information which Organization needs to protect for long term to ensure compliance needs and same time to reduce the storage bloat. CLOCK Soft File & Email Archival Solution and Services provides the intelligence to help the way efficiently store, manage, and discover organization’s information.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is at most important need of any organization for running business op erations even during environment disaster scenario. CLOCK Soft empowers an organization IT with best RPO/RTO to protect and run Datacenter Applications with comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution & Services offerings.

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Replication Solution

Availability of data is essence of achieving Disaster Recovery, CLOCK Soft solution offering ensuring consistence copy of data at DR, whether its storage, servers and applications level replication or Sync & Async base replications. Our Services offering such as Consulting, Design, Implement and Manage Services are complements to meet custom needs of the Organization.

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DR Monitoring

Most IT demands operational DR to meet compliance needs and to provide business continuity. CLOCK Soft provides comprehensive integrated Disaster Monitoring Solutions and Services, which shall assure availability of DR Site for business along with CIO’s Level Dashboard, DR SLA Monitoring & Alerts. We provide customized services offering to stretch the end to end solution complementing with Replication Offering.

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