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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Software Testing Services

We ensure that navigation through the application properly facilitates business functions and requirements by confirming layout, conformity, plus field and button functions.

Assessment of the application to ensure it works as is and is not degrading or malfunctioning due to enhancements and defect fixes to the existing functionality.

Examination of the application’s ability to handle values that exceed the minimum and maximum inputs plus outputs.

Confirmation that database functions perform optimally at the object, interface, data, transaction, and application levels.

Verification of performance behaviors for designated functions under anticipated normal and worst case scenario workloads to determine if the system can handle the projected stress.

Security and access control assessment that focuses on application-level security via user restrictions to specific functions, processes, or data.

Verification that the manual and/or automated recovery processes properly restores the database, applications, and system to a desired, known state.

Authenticating the operation of the system or application on different software and hardware configurations.

Performance profiling to test response times of each unit, check the memory profile and remove bottlenecks, plus validate coverage to ensure there is no dead code.

Verification, smoke, and acceptance tests to ensure the application works at a pre-determined level and does not block project teams from testing.

Utilization of Black box techniques to validate the software and its internal processes by interacting with the application via the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and analyzing the results.

Emulation of the activities performed on the application over time to test end-to-end business processes through various internal and external components to realize a business workflow.